My Dear Friends Around The World,

Once again, I affirm the hope you will find today’s post helpful and gives abiding hope for you and your loved ones. My sincere desire is that it will bring you the energizing joy of the Spirit to make your day complete.

The Gospel of Jesus Christ can be explained in many ways as Jesus Himself taught us. He gave colorful illustrations in the form of His parables. Sometimes parables are not immediately understood until it is further explicated, as Jesus explained in the parable of the sower. (Matt.13:1-23) Be that as it may, all roads lead to one illuminated meaning of the Gospel: it is the Good News about what God has done to reach out and save mankind. It is about how the Triune God entered our humanity in Jesus to join man to His Triune existence, which we could never do for ourselves. In this post I will explain the Gospel through the parable of the “Bulamanriver.” Like Jesus, my hope is you will discover some “secrets” (Matt.13:11) of the Gospel you may not have perceived before. Let me explain some terms about the “Bula man-river so we are on the same page.


“Bula” is a Fijian word which means “life.” In the Fiji Islands it is commonly used as a greeting, like ‘hello,’ when you meet someone, although it has lost its literal meaning. It is often used with an adjective, “Vinaka.” So, “Bula Vinaka” literally means to “have a good life.” It is a greeting which comes with a blessing.

Fiji Flag – “Bula” Vinaka is Fijian Greeting Meaning “Good Life to You” (Pic: Wiki Commons)


Man-river derives its meaning from Jesus portrayal of the life of a believer, “Whoever believes in Me as the Scriptures has said, rivers of living waters will flow from within them.” By this He meant the Spirit, whom those who believed in Him would later receive” (John 7:38-39).

“Bula man-river”

“Bula man-river” is a man who is given true life in Christ because of the flow of the “living waters” of the Holy Spirit. Man is the riverbed with the Spirit of the “living waters” flowing in and through him. The Spirit of “living waters” is the flow of God’s love through man. (Rom.5:5) People come to the river to interact with its “waters,” not the riverbed (you). The “living waters,” God’s love, is the attractant the people is drawn to in the “Bula man-river.” The “Bula man-river provides for us a healthy and practical depiction of man’s relationship in the Triune life of God. In this relationship, man’s role is to “hide in Christ” (Col.3:3) for he or she is dead and as a riverbed is buried in the “living waters” of the love of God in the Spirit. (Gal.2:20) People don’t see us, they see Christ living in us, like the “living waters” cover the riverbed.

Rivers are charted waterways. That’s to say, they don’t change course, but flow into prescribed valleys to water and provide life and abundance to all river dwellers. Likewise, the “Bula man-river” has a prescribed destiny, endowed with gifts, with which to “water” the valleys with God’s love he or she has been pre-ordained to flow through.

The Ocean

There is a naturally recurring effect in nature which attracts all rivers into one magnetizing center – that central place is the ocean. All rivers naturally find their way to the ocean. The vast ocean is the metaphor for God’s greatness who gathers all “Bula man-rivers” into His Triune Being and existence. And so we see the “living waters” of the Spirit, while He is always unified in His Triune existence with God, simultaneously He is flowing into the riverbed of man. In the process, He is constantly and continuously taking man in one ceaseless flowing movement, through the valleys, and into the ocean of God’s presence, through Christ who took our sinless and now glorified humanity beyond the veil and seated man with Him at the right hand of the Father. Then, in God’s circle of life, it starts all over again, just like a river that ever flows, and renews life and makes life pristine each and every day, to the ocean forever renewing the “Bula man-rivers,” who in turn renews the valleys. (Lamentations 3:23)

File:Garden scene, Daedalus Reef, Red Sea, Egypt.jpeg

Marine Life (Wiki Commons)

This is a beautiful picture of man’s reality as God sees him in His Son. This is the Gospel. This is the Good News. The Spirit is constantly taking believers through the valley of their calling they are ordained to water (love), and into the presence of God through Jesus in a flowing movement that never ceases where Jesus and the Spirit interpenetrating the “living waters” in the “Bula man-river.”

What’s the “secret,” as they say, in how we make this miraculous life our own reality? This parable, like Jesus’ many parables, reflects the reality of God for man. They are not fairy stories or fables. Parables are supposed to make God’s spiritual reality more lucid to our physical minds about them. So, the “Bula man-river is the union of the Triune God in man, and man in the Triune God. How does this take place? How does this come to be in man?

In my book, “Bula man-river, The Miracle of Triune Living,” I explained the parable further by depicting man in his fallen state of being as “Bulu man-river.” “Bulu” is another Fijian word meaning “to bury” as in burying the dead. In the meaning of the parable conveyed here, “Bulu” means the “living dead.” If you have read my book, “Bulu was the name of a river from which my wife and I and two friends were saved by the Lord and His angels from certain death. It was from this miracle that Herald eventually led me to write this book. I said,

“There is a spiritual river flowing in every person’s life. A river is a motif for life and how life is lived. A person can flow in one of the two rivers. One is the river that produces a life of fear, lack, and ultimately death. I call that “Bulu” or death. The other river is one with “living waters” that produce love and abundance. I call this “Bula,” another Fijian word, which means “life.” What the Lord made me to see is that humans are really “Bula” or man-rivers in God. Man is a repository of this spiritual river, hence the term “man-river” (John 7:38, 4:13-14). (Pg.16)

“Living Waters” – Metaphor for Spirit (Pic: Wiki Commons)

The “Flush-Out”

I go on to say, “How does man change from a deadly man-river to a life-giving man-river? How does he transmute from a river of fear, want, self-centeredness, egotism, and death to become a river of life with the “living waters” of the Spirit that will bring love and abundance? It is done through the miracle of the “flush-out” process miracle takes place in every person where the internal river in him/her is changed to the Bula man-river of life. The momentous day in history occurred when Jesus Christ, the Son of God, was born into the human race. He is God and now He is also man. The birth of Jesus was the greatest miracle event in the story of man. The miracle of the “flush-out” occurs when a person’s faith transmits the cleansing agency of Jesus’ blood. Faith is the conductor of miracles as electricity is in water. The atoning blood of Jesus flushes out the deathly waters of Bulu and replaces it with the Bula “living waters” of the Holy Spirit (John 7:37-39, 4:10). The “flush-out” inaugurates in man the life of God in place of death. Man is now the Bula man-river of God. At this moment in time, the life of Jesus and the Spirit, the blood and “living waters,” flow in the Bula man-river – you!”  (Pg.40)

I hope this post has given you encouragement fully recognizing the reality of the Spirit’s life in you, leading you, and inspiring God’s love in your actions and the way you live.

May God’s abundance and love, flow and bless and keep you and your loved ones. And may your life be embraced in the Triune bond of love, as a riverbed with full-flowing “living waters” (Bulamanriver*)

Kiang                                                                                                                                                                  (Your Servant in Christ) 

* The “Bulamanriver” is the metaphor describing the union of man with the Love of the Triune God flowing in humans, making possible the “Triune Life” – the source of the miraculous life in man. To read the many facets of life of the Bula man-river, go to my website where you can order a copy of my Book. Thank you for your support.

All scriptures are taken from the NIV Version 2011, unless stated otherwise

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