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Greetings friends! Each one of you my readers is a genuine treasure to me.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             PLEE1

Let me introduce myself. My name is Kiang. I was born in the South Pacific Islands of Fiji. I emigrated with my family to the US some ten years ago. I am an author writing about spiritual themes in the Christian evangelical tradition.

I lived a good part of my life in religious legalism which left me powerless and confined, so much so that it practically undermined my relationship with God and His Son Jesus Christ and with the people in my life. Only after extricating myself from its clutches that I began to understand the true nature of God in His Tri-Personal Being. I came to experience the joys of having a loving relationship with my God and with people.

Then in 1996, my wife and I, and two close family friends experienced the most astounding experience of our lives. I wrote about this experience in my book, and I will quote from a portion of it as it relates to this out-of-world experience:

“Scheduled to take an early-morning flight to Canberra, Australia, my wife and I had to drive to the other side of the island where the international airport is located. A couple, friends of the family, traveled with us on this two-and-a-half-hour drive. The night was black as could be, with only the car’s headlights slicing through the pitch darkness. This stretch of the road ran straight and level for about a quarter mile with a bridge at the end and then turned sharply left around a mountain on the far side of the bridge. At around 2:30 a.m. the one thing most dreaded by drivers happened: I fell asleep at the wheel. I drove off my side of the two-lane road, drifted into the opposite lane, and finally went off the road onto the stopping lane. By now the car was not aligned with the bridge ahead to take us safely across the river. Instead, we were heading for a nosedive into the waters below the bridge.

“My short but deep sleep was the kind you just don’t get out of unless you are vigorously shaken. Then something amazing occurred. In my mind’s eye I saw the most blinding white light I have ever seen. The light was so intensely bright it woke me from my sleep. As I opened my eyes, astonishingly, there before me I saw the source of this intense white light – literally in front of me. I now looked directly at a person clothed in dazzling white garment to his feet, standing in front of me. With his right arm outstretched he held up his lamp, the source of the brilliant light that woke me. He wouldn’t move out of my way. He never flinched but stood his ground. All this happened so fast my immediate reaction was to swerve to evade a crash into the person. As I veered, I found myself on the road landing and crossing the bridge. The spot where the person in dazzling white garment stood led directly into the river below. If he had not stood his ground, forcing me to turn sharply to avoid a collision, we would have headed straight into the river and most likely died of drowning – leaving seven parentless children behind.

“What happened next was equally astonishing. The bridge, made of concrete and pipe railings, lit up the dark night. Yes, the whole bridge was ablaze in brilliant white light. So as I swerved to avoid a crash into the person with the lamp, I was unwittingly maneuvered onto the bridge. The bridge’s railings turned into lights, something like fluorescent tube lights with a more intense brightness about them. By the side rails of the bridge I saw more people, all dressed in dazzling white shorts and short-sleeved shirts, walking along happily chatting and delighting in each other’s presence. All I could remember from their demeanor in those fleeting moments was the aura of complete joy and peace that radiated from their presence. It was a short but unforgettable few seconds in my life.

“My mind reeling, I wondered what had just happened. As we crossed the bridge and made the ninety-degree turn, we had a good view of the bridge we crossed. All we saw was nothing but pitch darkness, the brilliant light-show evident no more. I drove slowly for a few moments trying to collect my thoughts. “Did you see what just happened?” I asked my wife. She nodded, equally dumbfounded, and said she did. I asked my friends, and they said they too saw what happened. We all sat silent for a moment as the truth sank in: we had just tasted a miracle of angelic intervention. God sent angels to rescue us from certain death.

“As for the person holding the lamp, I believe he is more than an angel. His attire and the lamp are symbolic of his station. At the hotel, my wife and I knelt to thank God for His love and mercy for keeping us all safe. Seven children would have lost their parents that pitch-dark morning, but for the grace of God. It would be an understatement to say the event affirmed and solidified our weak human faith in God’s existence, His sovereignty over our lives, and unquestionably, His extraordinary love. I know the Lord saved us for more reasons than His awesome love for us. You see, a friend from the nearby village had told me stories of lives lost to the awkward bend in the road – but why spare us? I had read about one such tragic incident at this very bridge in the local newspaper not so long ago. As this event kept replaying in my mind, and I recognized God’s unerring hand in my life from before and after the event, I kept asking “why” because I felt no more deserving than the next person.” (Excerpt from book: “Bula” man-river – The Miracle of Triune Living”).

The experience became the focal point of my life’s journey to God’s inexplicable grace where I experienced His Love in the most profound manner than I have ever known. Motivated by my desire to seek God in the practical application of His immeasurable love for me, and by extension all humans, I observed the sad absence of God’s personable love in religion in general, including Christianity, the world, and mankind, leaving a humanity which has not truly met his Maker.

I believe that my emigration into the US has much relevance to sharing the message of His wonderful loving Triune nature. I believe God led me in His Spirit to see and to share what I experienced in my own epiphanic revelation of God’s self-evident love in His Triune nature – an insight I had never understood before. I believe this is the reason many do not experience God truly. Hence, in my blog posts you will find me using not infrequently the term, “Triune Life.” I hope you will catch the vision of what God wants me to share with you in my blog and other activities I will share in due time. Since arriving in the US I have dedicated my focus singly for His purpose.

I now live with my wife and family in McKinney, Texas. May you always be blessed with God’s Triune Love!


Founder: Bulamanriver Trinitarian Ministry

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Web/Blog Site: www.bulamanriver.com

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